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Since 2004, the U.S. Kids Golf Coaches Institute has annually recognized coaches that have gone above and beyond in developing the next generation of players. These coaches have operated distinguished programs that set them apart from their peers and provide established programs that have shown success in developing better players. Innovation, motivation, and tangible results are major hallmarks of what makes a coach a Top 50 or Master Top 50 (earning Top 50 three times).

Understanding how a golfer moves is a prerequisite for effective coaching, training and treatment. Rather than guess what they do, we believe you should assess what they do. TPI Certification introduces a philosophy shared by many of the most accomplished professionals in golf and sports performance.

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VISION54 techniques help players on the course by becoming HAPPY + BETTER GOLFERS.  Everyone needs a unique approach to be their best coach on the golf course. Tara attended these classes as a player and also as a coach and she understands these skills can really take a player to the next level.

Custom Fitting is one of the most important aspects of improving your game. A Callaway Master Fitter will work with you to find everything from the right head models, lofts, flex, shafts and weights. You'll leave the fitting feeling confident with equipment that's customized to your game.


Get started on your journey with a coach who specializes in your experience and needs. You'll discover it's more than just a golf lesson.

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